Made to measure shirts online

History of using dress shirts is long that has been evolved through many phases. Now they are considered as one of the most common apparel among men. In every era, men adopted different fashions and styles for dress shirts. The current epoch is no different as various dress shirts designs are available in market and worn without any exception. Little behind the past, it was a common practice to stitch dress shirts from tailors in a routine tailoring process. Then trend changed and era of ready-made shirts starts. Ready-made shirts revolutionized the shirts and it becomes very common apparel.

Ready-Made Shirts

Ready-made shirts solved the hectic job of buying the raw clothes, physically move and hand over to tailors for stitching. They also take their time for tailoring and it wastes lots of time. The ready-made industry standardized the sizes of shirts like small, medium, large, extra large and started bulk production of shirts. All a customer had to do was to go in a local retail shop and buy a shirt according to size. That was a real revolution and this idea got high popularity.

Era of Fashion

However, the current age is distinguished for its ultimate fashion and styles. Now by every coming day, men are looking for unique styles to look different and cool. Besides styling, the trend of wearing loose-fitted shirts has also vanished and now people look for dress shirts that fit on their bodies. To follow up the trend, online made to measure shirts concept came into existence. This idea become famous in no days as due to flexibility more and more people are opting for it.

Quality of MTM

According to most of the people, made to measure shirts are inferior to bespoke or custom shirts as these always have some kind of standardization in patterning or manufacturing process, whereas bespoke shirts are truly unique. This notion is somehow correct, but the main thing here to understand is the different that made to measure systems involves different degrees of standardization in the patterning. To clear things, never think that made to measure dress shirts are of inferior quality. These shirts are made according to specifications and detailed with a number of the options.

Ordinary Made to Measure shirts

Some made to measure shirts makers simply measure customer's neck circumference and sleeve length. Additionally, they might ask the customer if they prefer a Slim or Traditional fit. The rest of shirt's dimensions will be based entirely on these three pieces of information. For most of people this results in a poor fit because every dimension of the shirt other than sleeve length is based on neck sizes.

Men who have 16 to 17 inch neck and 32 to 33 inch waist, then the shirts they receive will be baggy even if they requested athletic fit. On other hand, if one has a 17-inch neck with 5'6 to 5'8 height range, the shirt will be too long. With these kinds of made to measure systems, it is also guaranteed that the cuffs will be too big. This means the sleeve will slide up too far on your hand and look sloppy.

Made to Measure Shirts From FCS

Like we said that there are different made to measure systems and every system has its own standardization process. At Fit Custom Shirts, we are proud to have best mechanism. Our shirts are fully customized with rigorous process of quality inspection, stitching and fabric selection. Our made to measure sizing system takes all of the person’s body measurements into account.