How to take care of your dress shirts

Fit custom shirts guide you with the best possible ideas to protect your custom dress shirts fabric. So pay attention and learn the caring tactics that a fabric requires.

Use the following the tips and care a cotton, wool and linen fabric custom made dress shirts.

100% Cotton Dress Shirts
Cottons is the fabric that man prefers to wear the most in their daily life routine because it gives a comfortable feel and is easy to be washed and maintained.
  • Cotton fabric is easy to launder. Boiled water does not hurt the thread.
  • Always wash the white color dress shirt with chlorine bleach and colored shirts with color safe bleach.
  • Cotton fabric requires regular pressing because cotton fibers are quite inelastic which may wrinkle easily.
  • Treat cotton fabric with a wrinkle resistant finish to create a more resilient fabric.
  • A higher heat setting is required in the dryer to dry cotton dress shirts. Cotton fabric takes much longer to dry than less porous fibers.
  • Cotton Fabric can be ironed with a hot iron and it does not scorch easily.
Linens Custom Dress Shirts
Linens fabric is particularly worn during warm months. Man prefers to wear linens fabric because it offers excellent touch. To keep linens fine and smooth you have to pay more attention to care for it.
  • Linens fabric shirts can be dry cleaned and washed both.
  • A few linens are washable, whereas others are only to be dry-cleaned.
  • Washable domestic linen, handkerchiefs, and linen attire wash easily and become softer in touching
  • Try to get dried white lines in sun; it helps to keep its whiteness forever.
  • Drapery linens, decorative linens and upholstery linens recommend dry cleaning.
  • Linen fabrics requires regular pressing, unless it is treated for crease resistance.
  • Jackets and suits should be dry cleaned to keep their appearance and protect their inner aspects.
Wool Dress Shirts
Wool fabric is invaluable and eternal in plea. Follow the special rules mentioned below and maintain your custom made wool Dress Shirts easily.
  • Bestow wool garments a 24-hour rest between dressings. Hang it on wrought or protected hangers, leaving lots of space.
  • Its pockets should remain empty.
  • You can brush wool to remove surface soil.
  • Utilize a damp sponge for knits and advanced fabrics.
  • Always refresh wool garments rapidly after wearing or unpacking by hanging them in a steamy bathroom, though wetness from the steam will remove wrinkles.
  • If wool gets drenched, dry it at room temperature away from heat.
  • Remove spot and blemish quickly.
  • Keep moths away by stocking wool with fresh cedar blocks.
  • Dry clean it once a season or when it stained, and especially before storing.
  • Always press wool with steam, don't press it absolutely dry. Use wool setting displayed on steam irons.
  • Try to press on the reserve side of the wool fabric but when it's mandatory to press on the right side, use a press cloth to avoid excel.
  • Always Low and lift the iron, don't slide it rear and onward.
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