Formal dress shirts, nice dress shirts

The world's oldest garment wear is known as shirt, dates back to 3000 B.C. The garment was highly sophisticated and had shoulders and sleeves, which were finely pleated to give firm fitting. Until twentieth century, shirts remained as one of the items of men's undergarments and it was considered improper and immoral to only wear shirt. After twentieth century, the trend of wearing formal dress shirts started to get popular. In recent times it has become a necessity to wear dress shirts in business environments, offices, schools, official functions and parties.

Latest trends of dress shirts

Man is a social animal and adopt likes and dislikes for things around himself. Most of the people like things, which please them. In terms of clothing, shirts have become popular due to their pleasing nature. These days' shirts have become most common form of apparel and are worn by men in their everyday lives. It is in the human psychology to look superior and different from the crowd. In order to do so people in general adopt latest changing fashion trends and look good in nice clothes.

The trend of wearing dress shirts is popular since many years but in this era men has adopted likeness for dress shirts with unique styling and perfect fit. The need of nice dress shirts with style and fitting, give surge to customization of shirts. The trend of ready-made dress shirts has faded away while custom dress shirts are getting popular every day.

With commitment comes excellence

Fit Custom Shirts is one of the largest custom dress shirts producers, striving hard to deliver custom-tailored shirts to customers all over the world. Custom made shirts are stitched from scratch according to customer's needs. Buyer chooses the fabric, style, features, fitting and we follow the instructions and measurements to deliver the perfect shirts. We have wide experience in textile, with over 15 years of commitment in this business. With our extensive experience, we have developed foolproof process for accurately stitching and producing custom shirts.

The Process

With Fit Custom Shirts' master craftsmanship and highly automated software, we are able to help you in creating and customizing shirts in as less clicks as possible. To get a custom nice dress shirt, all you need to do is to select fabric for your shirt. With over 300 fabric qualities, patterns and colors, it might get difficult choice for you but it surly ensures that you choose the best for yourself amongst the rest. When you are done with fabric selection, you must select the desired attributes of dress shirt. There are different styles of collars, cuffs, sleeves, plackets, pockets, pleats and yoke available at Fit Custom Shirts. The next step is to select the fitting of shirt, which includes athletic, regular and loose category. After choosing the fitting, exact body measurement is needed. Taking measurement is also an easy task as instructions are given on the page for the ease of buyer.

No need to worry

Are you also one of those people who are tired of being looked down by the people and often faced humility due to ill fitted shirts? Do you really want to give your personality a boost by wearing high quality dress shirts? Shirts that fit on your body and gives that particular exclusive looks. If this is the case, then Fit Custom Shirts is your only way out.