Pocket Styles for a Dress Shirt

Add a pocket on dress shirt? Think again!

In some cases, people are extremely inflexible to dress shirt pockets. They believe that a dress loses its appearance composure when pocket is added. Others believe that the pockets are an added convenience for storing small items. In general, the pockets are designed to be useful, but essentially, shirt pockets do not really have a main function. Its purpose is simply to add style. We recommend that the front pocket should not used to store the things which made pocket appear bulging out.

Many believe that the pocket helps create depth in a dress shirt, while this may be true and is often seen on the western-style shirts. Pockets are grimaced upon for business clothing and absolutely unacceptable for formal occasions. Despite a new study shows that the pockets are still acceptable for office dress shirts. We believe that prevention is better than cure. An irrefutable fact is that the pocket reduces the formality of the shirt.

Pocket on your shirt

For a formal wearing or for your comfort, an addition of pocket is a great idea. Normally single pocket is used on the left side chest area of dress shirt. Pockets on a shirt can have flap, pleats or different shapes. The two flaps and pleats are rare. The overall shape of the pocket can be square, pointed, round or angled. If you want to create depth, choose the pointed pocket shape. This adds more dimensions than others. The slightest casual shirts have pockets on the both sides of the shirt.

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