Dress Shirt Front Styles

Placket Front

The shirt placket is located in the center-front of a men's dress shirt. Plackets are almost always more than one layer of fabric, and often have interface in between the layers of fabric to give support and strength to the placket fabric because the plackets and fasteners on it are often subject to pressure when the garment is worn. Both sides of the plackets often overlap to protect the wearer from fasteners rubbing against their skin and to hide undergarments and underlying clothing. The front style is indomitable by your selection of placket, which is the fabric edge of the left front panel with the buttons holes on it. The regular placket is a strip of fabric lifted off the men dress shirt front with stitches downs each side; this is why mostly casual shirts and many other dress shirts have regular.

In placket front material of the shirt folded outwards (sometimes a separate piece attached). Size range begins from of "1 wide" to "2 wide with 1.5" (most commonly used). Two rows from top to bottom stitching are present, typically 1 / 4 in from each edge. Stitching inset ranges from none (edge) to 1/2". Usually ready with very light interlining.

French front

Material of shirt folded on the underside. No stitches demonstrate but should be present on the underside. In more modern plain (French) placket, the edge of the shirt is folded over to create a creased edge and held together by button holes. This cleaner, plain front gives shirts a simple glance. As that simplicity tends towards formality, this style is identified as dressier than the standard/regular placket

Fly Front

Placket front or French front with an additional strip behind the center of the buttonhole. The buttons are hidden behind the front center. Another rarely seen front style is the covered placket. Here the fold is to cover the shirt buttons completely. Rarely seen on off rack shirts, this style considered to be for dandies and should not be worn by those who seek to blend in.

Tuxedo Shirt Front Styles

When you go to choose from a wide range of tuxedo shirts available, it is very necessary that all aspects of your outfit perfectly fit you. You have to be aware of many styles and patterns and make the right call. The choice of which tuxedo shirt is apt for your needs should be determined by which shirts are suitable for the specific style of tuxedo you will be donning at your event.
We are here to give you the best possible information. Follow the different styles of tuxedo dress shirts below and enjoy wearing smart tuxedo dress shirts.


Downed collar tuxedo shirts are also known as "lay down collar shirt" and have not been wildly celebrated at their inception and introduction to the world of formal wear, but it eventually earned its place and has experienced a steady increase in popularity Because of its combination of both traditional and contemporary style. The downed collar shirt features a collar that is similar to the collars found on a standard button down dress shirt. It has a quite normal look and widely accepted, regardless of the types of tuxedo.


This is one of the further classic looks, getting it's establish in the 1800's. It has a Victorian style and royal feel to it, if you want something that will not be mistaken for a more casual look then a wing tip tux shirt is made for you. It remains a top choice for guys who like to wear ties, it really shows well designed and amazingly crafted necktie. We recommended a fine textured tie to go with the wing tip.

PIQUE & pinwale tuxedo shirts

Pique and Pinwale shirts are considered very formal. These shirts have the pattern of its fabric to give it a textured feel or have special stitching. The pique variety is likely to be worn at ultra formal occasions like marriages and white tie affairs while pinwale really adds some depth and texture to the appearance of the shirt. These styles are acknowledged by the texture of the fabric and complex design, and come in all styles of collars; they are exceptionally smart and really take things up a notch when it comes to donning a great tuxedo. These are options not to miss the well-dressed gentleman!

The fabric of pique shirt is made tightly woven with multiple raised patterns. Many times, these patterns are diamond-like shapes along either the bib of the shirt or over its entirety. Between the two, the pique shirt considered less formal choice, included only pique on the front of the shirt while the increase will end tuxedo shirts made of cotton stitched completely around the garment.


Mandarin tux collar also known as a band collar tux shirt, this beauty unites the new elements of traditional tux fashion with a new age spirit. This contemporary style shirt is popular with young boys who are not in love with the idea of wearing a tie and want to display some kind of individuality while wearing their penguin costume. The mandarin collar shirt collar has a band collar that stands straight and connects to the front with one button. There is no need for a tie with this style; guys tend to wear a decorative button cover that goes over the front button of the collar band. This shirt is usually sold with quarter inch pleats going down the front that helps bring a little tradition of this style rather contemporary. We do not recommend this shirt for any official business occasions because it has ultra classy look, but has its uses for some as well.

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