Our Custom Dress Shirt Features

We have conducted significant research in developing each of the dress shirt part like an individual product. And the outcome is a scientifically designed product that fits perfectly.

SINGLE needle finest stitching

Our single-needle stitching provides each seam with twice the strength of a standard seam. We normally use 17 to 20 stitches per inch for extra strenght. This process takes three times longer than conventional methods; however the dress shirt seam is flatter, more comfortable, very neat and much more durable than conventional seams

Hand cut and Hand matched patterns

This ensures finest placement of fabric around collars, cuffs, pockets and front placket to match with pattern especially lines, checks/plaids and stripes. It takes extra labor while going through this process than conventional collar making. This is the reason you will see a very lovely fabric flow on the collar.

The Collar

shirt collar

Collar decides the extent of craftsmanship involved in making a perfect shirt. A three ply edge lining, and heavy grade collarbones make it sturdy and rich that would keep it more comfortable and stable all day long. Perfect collar ends and an ¼" to 3/8" stitching makes the shirt look like a classic, giving it an elegant look. Our standard collar is double-fused except the button-down, european, and band collars which are single fused. View collar styles

The Cuffs

shirt cuff

As the dress shirt cuffs face maximum amount of movement, we design it in such a way that provides least amount of friction, resulting less irritation to skin and less depreciation on fabric. A two and three platecuff panel generates enough room for ventilation at wrist and arm. A superior lining provides the cuff an elegant look, that is hard to miss. Dress shirts usually come in barrel cuffs, with one or two button closures, French cuffs and convertible cuffs. View cuff styles

The Front Placket

front placket style

Special care is taken to avoid roping in the buttonhole stitche, keeping the placket smooth and neat. Our finishing of dress shirt placket ensures your garment ahead of others and create a great differentiator in the market place.

Sleeve Joint

Yoke matching with sleeve

A properly executed sleeve joint provide a seamless look with continuity of design pattern from the shoulder to the sleeve. We put tremendous emphasis on providing a perfect continuity of stripes and design while attaching the sleeve and yoke to the body, and this is done with immense care to create a perfect shirt each time.

The Pocket

Hand stitched and hand matched

Unlike other parts of the shirt, the dress shirt pocket experiences a great deal of wear and tear in day to day use. The pocket is constructed in such a way that the contents will be supported by the inner lining reducing the stress on the shirt fabric, even when it is bent. Unlike other manufacturer , we do not keep the dress shirt pocket sizes the same for 15" neck and 20" neck shirts. Recognizing that as the size of shirt increases, the size of palm and finger too increases. We provide for this by increasing the pocket width, so that the user can comfortably get to the contents of the pocket without unduly stressing the fabric or the stitches. Our pockets are hand matched to the fabric pattern. When a flap pocket is ordered, each piece is matched by hand. View our pocket styles

How to check the quality of a custom dress shirt?

  1. Fabric - Check the fabric of your custom shirt. Finer dress shirts are made of two-layers which make the fabrics softer, stronger and wrinkle less.
  2. Smoothness of seams - Inspect the seam running down the side of the shirt for smoothness and make sure it does not pucker. An elevated quality of custom tailored shirt has just one line of stitching detectable on the side seam, while most commercial shirts have two visible rows of stitches.
  3. Matched Patterns - In Custom made striped/checked shirts, it's important to check that how stripes are aligned. They should match and format in a straight line. The design of the fabric match where the two pieces of fabric meet. For example, the point where sleeves meet the shoulder.
  4. Shirt Collar - The collar of a bespoke shirt must be firm and crisp for a perfect fitting. It should not be soft and in no case it should have any wrinkles or bubbles. The collar of a higher quality custom shirt should be hand turned and created in two pieces. A well created shirt must be built with collar stays for a firm and crisp appearance and should have removable stays.
  5. Buttons - The buttons of a fine quality custom shirt should be sewn with a cross-stitch locked to make certain that you buttons stay firmly attached.
  6. Check the custom shirt sleeves a few inches above the cuff for a cufflink or gauntlet button which closes up the sleeves

We constantly strive to use the highest quality available in our thread, buttons, stays, etc. All pressing, folding and packaging is done by hand. Click here to view details on how to choose fabric