Dress Shirt Collar Styles

Collars are the most significant piece of the dress shirt. So it's very important to select a dress shirt collar appropriately as they are the first thing that someone sees.

How to choose a shirt collar style?

To bestow a slim man bulk, choose spread collars to give the impression of being fuller and healthy. Comfort is vital in a collar, so we also provide a looser fit; it helps to take the focus away from a large neck. Collars can formulate a well-built man look slim, so we suggest to choose

Pat Riley Collar Shirts

Riley Collar is famous for its modish look. Earlier this collar came in fashion after getting famous by Windsor Duke and lately by famous American basket ball player and then NBA head coach Patrick Jones "Pat" Riley. It is made up with an expensive flair which bestows a graceful look. It recommends for oval, square, and diamond shaped faces. Demonstrate your personality as a STAR by wearing custom made dress shirt with pat riley collar? So select the price, choose the refine fabric, your fitting, styles and order to enjoy the feel of wearing Riley Collar custom dress shirts. Basically it is a inner curved spread collar. This collar style is best for the functions where the dress code is a dress shirt and tie, for instance business functions.
Pat Riley Collar Shirt Pat Riley wearing same shirt scollar Pat-Riley shirt collar

Banded collar shirts

Traditional Band Collar

In banded collar dress shirts use a "band" instead of a traditional collar. You can wear banded collar shirts with a suit or a sporty coat. Often men prefer to wear banded collar shirts to feel a casual look. You can also select a Banded collar for inimitable looking tuxedo shirt.

Button down collar shirt

Traditional button down collar

Button down collar dress shirt is considered stylish and sporty. Men usually wear Button down collar dress shirts with pants or a sports jacket. But you can also wear it with a tie. Benefit of button down collar custom fit shirt is that it can be worn for both business casual and Business formal. It mostly recommends to oval, square and diamond shaped faces.

Hidden button down collar shirt

Hidden button down collar

Hidden button down collar shirt is perfect for business casual. It features a collar which does not move and stays in the right place without a tie because it is anchored down from underneath. Usually recommend for round, oval and diamond faces. In addition, men also wear hidden button down dress shirts with a tie and suit.

Narrow point collar shirt

Narrow point collar

Narrow point collar dress shirt is worn formally as well as casually. It is also known as European Collar. This collar is very versatile and comfortable. It is mostly suggested to oval, round, and square shaped faces. So Need a Narrow Point Collar dress shirt? It's easy to order, just select the price, fabric, fitting and style and our expert designers will do the rest. Our exclusive collection is waiting for.

Spread collar shirts

English wide spread collar

For formal and business occasions, spread collar is perfect to be worn. It has a very classic and smart look. Mostly appear with "French cuff" sleeves. Recommend for diamond, oval and rhombus shape faces.

Tab Collar Shirts

Classic tab collar

Tab collar dress shirts are crease down collars with a gap above the pinnacle button over the gullet. It has a soared front which is a flutter of fabric that wraps the buttons in the direction of going down to the front. Sometimes it is also refer as Roman collar. The tab collar dress shirts are usually worn to look classy and traditional. Look more handsome and classic by simply ordering the Tab Collar custom made dress shirt.

Traditional point collar shirts

Traditional point collar This collar style is best for the functions where the dress code is a dress shirt and tie, for instance business functions. Traditional point collar shirt has a very attractive, classic and graceful look. It is a very versatile style of collar. Recommend for all shaped men. http://www.fitcustomshirts.com/

Contrasting Collar Dress Shirts

Fit Custom Shirts offer contrasting collar and cuff styles, mostly white color is used. Every man should have some essential piece of clothing in their wardrobe. Though it says what else can be best other than keeping a "White Collared" dress shirt in your wardrobe. Fit Custom Shirts designs exclusive "White Collared" dress shirts and provides the finest custom made quality.
Contrasting white collar black trimmed contrasting white collar
For your convenience fit custom shirts have also provided you with more collar options included Collar Fabric, Collar Stays, Collar Height and Thread Stitching:

No matter you need a Banded collar, Button down collar, Hidden button down collars, Spread collar, Tab Collar, Long Sleeves style, Short sleeves style or any other. Simply select the collar and style option according to your preferences and enjoy our exclusive collection which is just far away from one click. Fit Custom Shirts offers you to select the best fit, exclusive fabric and styles for your custom tailor shirts at affordable prices. To order only select the price, body shape, fabric, style and leave everything on our specialized tailors and designers. We assured you the best quality and design to your specifications. You can blindly trust us because we are experts and provide the superlative quality and design. Ordering process at Fit Custom Shirts is initiative, simple and easy.

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