About Us

Who we are

Fit Custom Shirts has a simple story, but sometimes it's the ordinary that becomes extraordinary. It started with a vision of a man working at a top-tier IT firm in New York. He watched the city with its flair for style and was fascinated by the forms of attire on display. As he set out to become a part of the "fabric" of New York by finding quality pieces, he was met with disappointment. When good quality dress shirt was found, the size wasn't right; when the size was right, a reasonable price was not. Tired of having to experience the pitfalls of the "one size and price fits all" ideology, he set out to create a new brand for men based on the principles of quality, craftsmanship, reasonable pricing.

In 2005, the Fit Custom Shirts factory was established in one of the textile giants in the world. It garnered a very large network of dealers that globally cater to hundreds of thousands of customers. In order to reach out to internet-savvy shoppers, an idea was born to directly sell to customers on a digital platform who wanted a tailored fit without the price tag. In 2013, the firm appointed two young graduates to run the North American office. Since then, they have been reaching new peaks of becoming Toronto's destination for custom stylish dress shirts!

At Fit Custom Shirts, we believe that each person has a unique body size that needs to be appreciated. Clothes should be tailored with the highest form of craftsmanship to flatter each person's form and shape. We make sure we deliver the best customer service that results in the highest customer satisfaction. For us size, quality, and craftsmanship matters and that's why we guarantee a perfect fit! Don't believe us? We can prove it to you

What makes us superb from our custom shirt competitors?

Trimmed Shirt

Most of the custom dress shirt websites now a days do not have even their experience in custom clothing. They spread the net for collecting orders from their websites and outsource to other companies. They are technology people from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Veitnam or China. You'll either find in their frequently asked questions or if you can use live chat on their websites, you'll understand what's going on. The end product is a shock for customer.

We compete in custom dress shirts even though our competitors have come up with gorgeous looking websites because,

Our Custom Shirts

Started with our custom shirts dealer programme in the year 2000 and a manufacturing capacity of 10,000 custom shirts per month. We have delivered over 100,000 custom shirts to variety of customers in past ten years. The satisfied custom shirt customers include big and tall, with athletic body, husky and hefty as broad as 74" chest, short sizes and those with uneven body. See our custom shirt features

Our manufacturing process

During the time we have developed the system to cater for all customers. Our measurement verification and pattern suggestion system is out of the world. It detects flaws in measurements, suggests how to rectify them and creates patterns on which custom shirt is to be cut. Even after all accurate calculations, our tailor double check for instructions in comments and emails to verify if it is needed to be modified. After verification the custom shirt pattern is hand cut.

Mass customization at low cost

We are continuing our quest to perfect the process of "mass customization" of clothing. In today's advertisement driven market, the consumers are conditioned to fit their non-standard bodies into standard off-the-shelf clothing for a "least bad" fit. However, as we (and other companies like us) bring the cost of custom clothing down to the level of ready to wear clothes, we believe that the masses will automatically gravitate towards custom clothing for the joy of a "perfect fit".

Where we are

Currently we have offices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Dubai. Our custom dress shirt manufacturing facilities are in South Asia. We have been stitching custom clothes for other retailers in the United States for several years. Now by cutting out all the middle men, we are determined to bring the finesse of custom clothing to the general public at extremely affordable prices.

What's up next

You will see some exciting new options and features on our website over the coming weeks and months. We are also working on an iPhone app where our goal is to determine the clothing measurements of an individual through the lens of the phone camera.

Why Us

A dress shirt is a name of great look and comfortable feeling. Your satisfaction about our custom shirt is our real earning. You will never feel dissatisfied with fit custom shirts, we bet. Your body is one of those things you may not know completely. We know the dress shirt is much more than a stitching. If the tailor knows your body, you can't feel down in his stitching. This is what we feel proud of. In our stitching you wil feel yourself more YOU. Fit Custom Shirts make you feel you are wearing what you want to wear.